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Oneway Complete Buffing System

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Buffing System

With the Oneway secret wax recipe, you will achieve a fast, easy, & high gloss finish every time!
High gloss finishes usually involve lots of sanding, foul smelling sprays, and time resulting in finished pieces that make the wood look like plastic.

In the past, if you didn't want to put up with these problems you couldn't get a high gloss.

Buffing is fast, simple and above all does an amazing job. No matter how good your shape, or how nice the wood you used, if it isn't finished well, you won't be happy.

The Secret Recipe

Using Oneway's secret recipe waxes, you will be able to achieve unbelievable finishes without the cleanup hassles or yucky odors.

Can I use this Buffing System with my existing finishes?

With our Buffing System, you can get the high gloss you want while using your favorite oil based finish. Simply finish your project the way you normally would, let the finish cure and then buff.

Buffing an oil finish keeps all the advantages of oil finishes but adds the benefit of high gloss and an ultra smooth feel.

What makes the ONEWAY Buffing System better than other buffers?

Oneway's buffer is not cut from discs of cloth and stacked up like a bunch of donuts, instead it is cut from a long strip of cloth that is cut on the bias. This long strip is then wrapped and mounted on an arbor. The end result is that each long thread is bound to the central hub. With this system, threads don't get flung from the buffer, so it lasts longer. The unique puckered face also buffs better.

ONEWAY's Buffing Kit comes with a firm wheel, a medium wheel and a soft wheel with a 5/8 center. Also included are two buffing compounds and a hard finishing wax. There is an arbor in the kit that fits a 3/8 drill chuck so you can use the buffer in either your lathe or drill press.

Package Includes:
  • One Firm Wheel                            Part No. 2286-yc
  • Tripoli Compound                        Part No. 2286-tr
  • One Medium Wheel                     Part No. 2286-wc
  • White Diamond Compound       Part No. 2286-wd
  • One Soft Wheel                            Part No. 2286-wf
  • Carnauba Wax                              Part No. 2286-cw
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