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Oneway 1224 Lathe (*Custom Order)

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Oneway 1224 MIDI Lathe

The 1224 is the next level above the 1018 due to it's larger capacity in both swing and between centers, and does away with the jack shaft making it a nicer, more efficient design. As with the 1018, the 1224 was designed so that anything that fits in its capacity could be turned without compromise.

This mini lathe has been built with the same sturdy construction as our full size lathes. A high quality, precision spindle, offset tubular bed construction, precision machined bedways, as well as ONEWAY's patented banjo locking mechanism are all standard features on this machine. If you can fit a blank on this little lathe, its performance will not disappoint you.

This lathe has been designed for turner's with limited space, or who are devoted to turning smaller to medium sized pieces. It was designed in such a way that nothing was sacrificed. It's bed was fashioned after it's larger counterpart, which has already proven itself throughout the woodturning community. By slightly offsetting the bed, chips fall through cleanly and while not sacrificing torsional rigidity. It is made to dwarf current lathes in the market of the same size.

  • Spindle Height: 44-1/2"
  • Power: 1HP (110V OR 220V) 
  • Length x Width:  47" x 23 1/2"
  • Bench Height:  30"
  • Weight:  Approximately 300 lbs.
  • 12 1/2" swing over the bed (9" swing over Banjo)
  • 24" between centers
  • 11" Stainless Steel Toolrest with 1" Post
  • 2 step pulley (0 - 2000 / 0 - 4000 rpm)
  • Two position Control Box
  • Spindle is hardened and ground
  • 1" - 8TPI RH (inboard spindle thread)
  • 3/4"-16TPI RH (outboard spindle thread)
  • 7/16" thru hole (in spindle)
  • 24 position indexing
  • #2 Morse Taper in headstock & tailstock
  • Forward & Reverse with two pre-programmed accel / decel settings
  • 110V input, 1HP AC variable speed inverter (drive) with dynamic braking (220V  also available)
  • 1HP Marathon Motor
  • High Performance Powder Paint on Stand & Lathe   
  • Cast Iron Tailstock with Acme thread & 3" quill travel   
  • Patented clamping mechanism in Banjo
  • Offset Bed for easy clean up


  • #2 MT Safe Driver
  • #2 MT Live Center (with cones)
  • Knock-out Rod
  • Powder Painted Metal Stand (two wood shelves included)
  • 3" Steel Faceplate (Powder Painted)
  • 11" Stainless Steel Toolrest
  • Two location Control Box
  • Powder Painted Lathe
  • Leveling Pads
  • 4mm, 6mm and 8mm Allen Keys
  • Spindle Lock Wrench
  • Hand Wheel


  •  220V input is offered at no extra charge, upon request
  • Remote Start / Stop
  • 1224 Lathe Bed Extension (24”)
  • 1224 Wheel Set
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