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Mastercarver Pro-Pocket Whittler II

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NEW! Improved design! PRO-POCKET WHITTLER IITM by Mastercarver® High-Performance Tools! TM The ultimate wood carver's pocket knife just got better!

Unlike ordinary pocket knives, the Mastercarver® "Pocket Whittler" is custom-designed with the woodcarver in mind. The blade features the perfect classic shape for better carving. It has a razor-sharp edge and V-grind for easy re-sharpening. It folds when closed and locks securely when fully opened (will not fold when pulled out of a cut). It utilizes a precisely made, reliable, back lock (or lock back) design. Features improved gently contoured handle. All contact points are hand polished for smooth operation and extra comfort. Supplied "razor-sharp", ready to carve!